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Whether you are starting up, branching out or rebranding, I would love to help you achieve your goals while we build your brand and/or your style together.

I am brand designer an Marketeer with a focus on creative design, visual and verbal identity, brand and marketing strategy, personal style, covers and book layouts.

My wide range of skills and expertise have been developed working with personal brands, creative companies, fashion and interior design industry, startups, companies and businesses just like yours.


A few aditional facts about me...


Colombian by birth, Spanish by adoption and Brazilian by heart. I found my dane love in Barcelona and we started a family in Copenhagen, one of the best cities in Scandinavia for its life quality, where I enjoy mild summers and suffer from the lack of light in winter.


In my previous life (until 10 years ago) I was a Topographic Engineer with a Master in Sustainable Transport. I studied a PhD in Engineering but I did not finish my thesis.


Lover of creating new things, friends, photography, dancing, meeting new people, fashion, strawberries, handmade, traveling, accesories, desserts, movies, books, music, colours and the sea.


I speak and work in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Danish.

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What Clients Say

Marsela rebranded our entire business so beautifully. She even provided support to our web developer to apply her designs in our website perfectly. Now business is successful.

Keith Gorman
Business Owner

I can't tell you how much time I saved by hiring Marsela. You always have her attention to detail and professionalism in all aspects of your project.

Vilma Sales

Marsela is a great designer I loved worked with. She always had creative ideas and came up with so many ways to make my book layout and cover stand out. Her support during the publishing phase was exactly what I needed to get the new book completly ready for launch day.

Paul Rye
Book Writer

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Let’s create something

stunning together...

If you are looking for an aesthetic, consistent visual and verbal style throughout your brand and/or your marketing material, authentic and memorable brand design that speaks to your customers, or some slick creative for your next campaign, then we could be the perfect match.

Or if you are a person wanting something new in your style, reducing and changing your wardrobe to fit more in your needs and personality, but you don't know how can start, then we can get in touch and work together.